About Us

Rajeswari Foundation Old Age Home is a non-profit organization that helps old age people and children suffering from orphan-ism or semi-orphan-ism. So, Help us to Help.

Rajeswari Foundation, established in 2006, is a non-profit organization duly registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. We voice the needs of the elderly and children through our services. We are located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

Rajeswari Old Age Home endeavors to bring a change of the perception of old age and help older people.  Rajeswari Foundation for Deaf and Hearing Impairment at Kukatpally, Hyderabad; focuses on poor and physically challenged children and provides them all facilities to pursue their education.

Cause Area

We focus on providing good health, nutritious food for the poor and elderly destitutes.

Our Issue

Countless senior citizens in India are living in horrible conditions. After years and years of toiling for their families, they’re left with nothing to call their own - not even their own family. 

Estimates show that around 18 million elderly people in India don’t have a roof over their heads. The situation is heart wrenching and more people are in need of support.

 Also, around 7 percent of India's total population with a disability were children and a very small percentage of them attend school and have proper education due to poor financials, sickness, food & accommodation, transport, and other facilities.

Our Actions

We take care of poor & abandoned elderly, destitute, bedridden people. We support and protect them by giving them nutritious food, shelter, and medical support. We ensure that all essential steps are efficiently taken care of, from the moment our residents arrive until their departure. We are also planning to construct a building to accommodate and take care of more elderly people in the coming years.

Special education is of great importance for children with disabilities, because it gives them the opportunity to get quality education in line with their unique needs and enables students to gain independence and reach their full potential. We have started providing food, accommodation & other facilities along with education to children by specially trained teachers who come from rural areas.

Our Vision

To achieve excellence in offering life enrichment services and providing a variety of lifestyle choices for old-age and orphan children.

Our Mission

  • To promote quality of life and ensure that elderly people are healthy, happy, spiritual, and social. 
  • To offer a broad range of intellectual, physical, and social activities for the elders and children.
  • To provide assistance to elders with their daily lives and ensure they have peace of mind with the help of a support team.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To run homes for the aged and provide them with food and shelter with amenities

  • To run an orphanage for poor and needy children

  • To run school for the underprivileged smart children

  • To conduct health awareness camps for slum people

  • To Educate the illiterates about child health

  • To conduct special programs on the prevention of AIDS.

Our Services

  • To help the poor | helpless | Homeless |
  • We make sure that the senior citizens are comfortable staying in their own homes or with their siblings or relatives homes.
  • We take care of their health by taking them to the doctors and giving them medicines.
  • We take care of orphan & blind children in our old age home and provide them with a good education.
  • We also provide clothes for the people in need in the slums

Social Impact

Rajeswari Foundation has been set up to initiate better interaction between generations. Our sole objective is to provide assistance to older persons and help them. We are making an effort to empower them to lead a life with dignity and respect. We create a friendly environment for older people and strive to support more disabled children to continue their education and pursue a career.


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