Education for Children

Ensuring a brighter future for children through education, we extend our care to orphan and blind children in our old age home, nurturing their growth and potential

Education for children is a crucial aspect of their development and growth. It provides them with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to navigate the world and become productive members of society.  We also take care of orphan & blind children in our old age home, and provide them good education.


At Rajeswari  Foundation you can donate towards various initiatives and help us accomplish our mission and make a lasting change.



We empower children through education and enriching experiences, including supporting orphaned kids and fostering creativity through storytelling and nature exploration

Orphan Children

Providing access to quality education is key to helping orphaned children build a brighter future. Education offers them opportunities for personal growth and future self-sufficiency.

Storytelling and Reading

Reading books, telling stories, and encouraging children to create their own stories can foster language development, imagination, and a love for reading.

Nature Exploration

Taking children on nature walks, observing plants, insects, and animals, and discussing their findings can teach them about the environment and scientific observation.

Social Impact

Transforming lives, one elderly resident's smile and one child's education at a time, our NGO has made a profound social impact on our community


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