Old Age Home

Enhancing the well-being of our elders through holistic care, enriching activities, and ensuring a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment
We aim to promote quality of life and ensure that elderly people are healthy, happy, spiritual, and social. We offer a broad range of intellectual, physical, and social activities for the elders and children. We provide assistance to elders with their daily lives and ensure they have peace of mind with the help of a support team.


At Rajeswari  Foundation you can donate towards various initiatives and help us accomplish our mission and make a lasting change.



We offer a variety of activities to keep our elderly community active and engaged, ensuring their overall well-being

Exercise and Fitness

Gentle yoga or chair yoga classes, Walking clubs within the premises, Physical therapy and mobility workshops to maintain strength and flexibility....

    Cultural and Spiritual Activities

    Cultural celebrations and festivals that honor residents' diverse backgrounds, Spiritual discussions, meditation groups, and religious services as desired...

    Memory and Legacy Activities

    Reminiscence groups where residents share personal stories and experiences, Guest speakers discussing local history and sharing personal anecdotes...

    Social Impact

    Transforming lives, one elderly resident's smile and one child's education at a time, our NGO has made a profound social impact on our community


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